Elio Ruggieri    Rosie Fellner    Sarah Jane Faulkner

Little Deaths is a psychological thriller about a solitary and insular bookshop employee, Malcolm - and Maria, an enigmatic prostitute.

Malcolm’s life revolves around his weekly visits to Maria, who appears to take comfort in the awkward but sheltered nature of their time together. One night, Malcolm finds himself beaten up and later discarded on the outskirts of the city. He wakes up the following day, battered and confused, and makes his way back to the city – only to find her place has been trashed, and she is nowhere to be seen.

Malcolm embarks on a turbulent and obsessive journey to find Maria, and get to the bottom of the mysterious events that have led him to where he is. The growing rift between reality and his imagination begins to play tricks on him until, on the verge desperation, a chance encounter with a known face will lead him to her. When he eventually finds her, he discovers a different woman, leading another existence in upper middle class suburbia.

Invisible to Malcolm all along is a ghost-like figure that haunts this woman’s imagination and will reveal their relationship to be so much more than he could have ever imagined it to be - an impossible and deathly love triangle.

Perceptions of reality collide with misconstrued appearances in this film about identity and loss.

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